Corporate Social Responsibility

It's only right that I have a Corporate Social Responsibility page on here really isn't it?

So what does it really mean and why have I got one here?
Well, ultimately I founded this business to make a difference through my work and no, I can't do all of this for free but I can do my work ethically and also donate my time and resources when relevant and possible.

Initially, anyone that I have as a supplier or partner has to be ethical and willing to make a difference where possible.
One of the areas that I feel is not utilised enough is donation of skills via gift in kind and I believe that causes can only benefit from relationships like this.
I also think that recycling is not done nearly enough currently so I am researching recycling as an income stream for charities
I believe that the work that I do and have done has far greater value than the amount I get paid or charge as a fee.
I also want to remove the stigma around the word "consultant" as I have always had the impression of someone coming in to a company to host sessions for a huge fee and leave a "working" document that ultimately sits on a shelf and ends up doing nothing.
I am not prepared to do that as it is wrong (in my opinion) and I want to be accountable for what I do along with being upfront with expectations because certain things need time to evolve and I will not make any false promises.
I believe that the support and advice I give along with events, products and income streams I develop will generate income to far outweigh any fee I might charge.
I do not want to do any big advertising or promotional campaigns as I believe that people deal with people and recommendations are the best warm lead any of us can have.
There will be nothing hidden as everything will be agreed upfront before any contract is signed and this will only take place if everyone is 100% happy with what is on offer.
I will take no offence at all if after an initial meeting any organisation decides to not work with me, the same as I hope they will not if I decide to not work with them.

I do not want to dive in and dive out of any organisation as I want to develop strong working relationships so that I can support them fully and be passionate about their cause.

Upon starting this business it is my aim to offer gift in kind support to a cause or causes of my choice and hopefully in my second year organise and host a fundraising event completely free for a chosen charity where I donate all of the items, pick up all of the costs etc (but let's see how the first year goes....)